HEARTBEATS – What choice in life?

In this jet age and dynamic world, one thing, that is never clear and easy to choose, faced by the young generation in life is to decide what higher studies to choose, what to do, where to go, and so on in building a future.  In the modern world where there are opportunities aplenty, with variety of choices, the confusion is natural and the selection of a particular line of activity is always tricky, and often problematic.

  1. If one has not chosen the right path, the person keeps on spending time and energy for long and ultimately finds that the path he has selected was not the calling he wanted to be in.  Many chose a line because of an excessive personal interest, liking from many angles, logical and tactful considerations, and later on discovers that the person had a different taste altogether.   We find an artist lands up in a financial system, and a doctor by aspirations lands up in a bookstore, and so on.  Why does it happen so?  It is simple because a desire at the top of the mind and at the deeper self are totally different.  One wants to eat an ice cream is a mental desire.  After eating an ice cream very soon we forget the same.  Such decisions taken out of the mental ability, which we often do, will keep our interests away and we become a person who doese the activity mechanically.

There are many ways we can recognize a proper ambition and decide whether it is as per your calling or not.  An activity which gives you happiness, and appreciation from others, which you used to get in schools and surroundings, can be the choice as per your calling.  If you develop your life through such activities the time and energy you spend on such activity will be worthwhile, and there is every possibility that you will be successful, and happy.  If you select a line by other considerations like economics, logic, tactics, or other interests, you will be actually working on your weaknesses, spend enormous energy and time, and finally be discouraged in life.

For example, if you are good at drawing, singing, elocution, sports, and so on in school and college days, and you used to get tremendous appreciation by your friends, classmates, and teachers, that is the activity you should choose totally disregarding other temptations.  We are all good at something, it differs from person to person, and identify that activity at a young age, say by the age of 14, then choose that line, and create your goal connected with that, then you can shine and be a star.

Instead, we often concentrate on activities suggested by teachers, parents, friends, and so on, and spend our life in that a

nd create a disappointing and frustrating life, because you have ignored the temptations from deeper inside yourself, for which your own satisfaction and the appreciation of others have been side tracked by you, which you later realize.

It has been proved by research that a person though selects a line different from his own calling, at later part of life, come back to the line of his natural interest in which he finds abundance of pleasure.  For example, a person interested in writing, may choose another line of activity for various reasons, but later in life will come back to writing, because writing was his inherent talent,.

It has also been proved by research studies that most of the highly successful people in the world are not of any extra ordinary academic talent, yet we spend our life entirely on academic achievements.  A person takes action for three basic reasons, firstly to please somebody, secondly out of fear of somebody, and thirdly out of his own satisfaction level.  The third category is the most successful people in the world.  Therefore, choose that activity which begins from your happy experiences, received maximum appreciation from others, so that you will be able to add better value in others lives, which is the basic criteria.

Basically, success in life happens by virtue of our ability to add value to others.  A teacher adds value to the students, an employer adds value to the employees and the society, an employee adds value to the employer and the family, a businessman adds value to customers, and this value addition process is the secret.  The customers become ready to pay for the value addition by the businessmen, and that is the key to their success. Therefore in a nutshell, select that line in which you are able to add value to others, and not solely to yourself, you will definitely be at the top.  Keep trying.


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