HEART BEATS Are you stressed out?

Sadhguru says that people are stressful because they don’t know how to manage their activities. My salutations to Sadhguru. It’s so true. If one knows how to manage the activities there is no chance of any stress. When a person is going through miseries he is compelled to do whatever hard work he has to go through and he will not find it stressful because he undertakes the hardships gladly and ambitiously. It’s very important how we perceive the situation and how we relate ourselves to it. There’s no room for any negative thoughts and only negative thoughts generate stress.

It’s also a fact that we become more and more stressful because we attach ourselves to the activities so intensively that any negative perception generates stress. You set out to do certain things, and even the thought of failure makes you sad, angry and you indulge in wild reactions. You are required to concentrate on your actions to perform them most efficiently and should not maintain any expectations about the results because results are a natural process depending on the actions. It will be pertinent to note here what Lord Krishna has said that you have no right on the results because your action will produce some results and your role is to execute the activity excellently and the results are not in your hands. Though we know this very well we are stressful about the results. In fact expectations are the result of insecurity and uncertainty. If you are convinced that the results are not in your hands, you have no role to play, where is the question of disappointment.

A person visited me a few days ago, and during the conversation we told him that we are staying in a rented house. Immediately his reactions came quite spontaneously that we are all on rent in this world , who is having a permanent abode here? His statement has a deeper meaning for us to grasp. If we conduct our activities with full consciousness that we have no right on the results, instead of taking ownership in what we do, apologies to management experts advocating otherwise, or lamenting on the situations we are in, we can stay in this world as a tenant or a witness and get rid of the stress. But it is easier said than done.

I was traveling from Pune by car and when it reached Navi Mumbai my attention was drawn by a vehicle in front of us with full of chickens being carried at five in the morning for delivery to the centers for making the lives of many nastier. The chickens inside the vehicle are busy in their activities of eating, napping, and are the normal beings, completely unaware that the life of most of them will be only for hours. Why do they not have any stress? Imagine yourself in that situation, how stressful you will be? They are free from stress because they don’t have power to expect, and reason, and the next moment is not their worry. I thanked God, in my mind, for not giving them thinking power. Whenever human beings celebrate, millions of living beings like chickens, fish, and so on are lined up for executions. If they had thinking power!!!

Zen masters belonging to Buddhism say that we must live life like a log of wood in water ready to accept kicks from all sides and surely you will not have any stress in such a life.  But are we supposed to live like that, and if we do what will happen. We certainly can’t live like that because we have responsibilities, ambition and goals to achieve in order to transform our life. Our life is not just for eating, mating, and surviving like other living beings. Yet, if you live like a log of wood, someone will cut it and use it as fire or furniture.

There is a story in the Hindu scriptures about a couple giving birth to 12 children one by one, and every time the mother tells the father it’s a boy, the father will ask does it have mouth, wife will say yes, they will leave the child there and move stating that God will feed it. All the twelve boys will become superintelligent personalities later. That may be relevant in those days. Today if you do like that, one of the possibilities will be the dog will use the mouth as a lavatory. Isn’t it. They are the part of a theory for relying on Destiny, but not practical except some co-incidences. Such a life will be painful for us because of our attachment, aspirations, and expectations.

It’s actually possible to lead a life without stress while we undertake our activities as a normal person, if you rely on yoga. Yoga teaches you techniques to keep yourself in action without attachment. By constant practices of yoga you can be conscious about the fact that you are not the body, mind or the intellect, and you are actually connected with a supreme energy. Then you can be blissful even in miseries, and adversities. Yoga makes you capable of living like chickens or log of wood in reality while being a normal person with emotions. Yoga is the only choice for awakening your consciousness towards such a life. All other solutions like entertainment, activities to kill time or anything else are temporary.  For further details please visit, if you want, http://www.ishafoundation.com.



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