HEARTBEATS-Do you believe in miracles?

If you are a rationalist you may say that there is nothing called miracle in this universe, rightly so because science dictates that nothing can be created without a cause. In other words all sensible persons among us will agree that nothing can come into existence without a cause. Fair enough, this is fully logical. However, there are certain things which are beyond science, beyond all explanations, like the egg or chicken, which came first, human life forms, how has it come into existence, and so on, the list will go on. We may call it vegetation, evolution or whatever, but the fact remains that there are things which have come into existence, without a cause or we are not aware of the first cause, and we keep on wondering about their creations. We have actually so many unanswered questions about nature. In the ultimate analysis, however, the cause giving rise to to the creation of such a complex nature with so much of variety, will always remain a miracle.

While the life forms in the universe, especially human life, is nothing less than a miracle, it is more miraculous to see that the life on the earth exists on the basis of love, sacrifice and mutual support systems formed quite naturally. There are living beings which survive on vegetarianism, there are others which survive on the lives of other living beings, put it differently, there are living beings which sacrifice their lives for the existence of other living beings, and most wonderfully while most living beings are self reliant and can take care of themselves, human beings, much much superior in nature, are totally nonself-reliant, and cannot survive on their own. Human beings have to depend on others for anything and everything in life. Just imagine that from the moment you get up from bed, and go to bed in the night, all the things you consume or make use of, your tooth paste, brush, clothes, and so on, all are made by someone else. There are elephants which are vegetarians but very fat, there are other segments of animals which are nonvegetarians but slim and trim, there are animals which are physically very powerful but mentally weak, and human beings physically weak but mentally very powerful, and imagine if the ferocious animals were bestowed with mental power like humans, how much chaotic our life would have been? Nothing like that ever happened. If this is not miracle, what else is?

Yet another kind of miracle we experience in our life is the mutual support systems available in the society, in which knowingly or unknowingly we add value to each other. Some people make so much of change in the lives of others that they lift the other person from the bottom or clears the road blocks for the other to move on. All of us would have experienced such miracles sometime or the other, though we may tend to overlook or ignore the impact of such helps most often. Wise people among us have opined therefore that we must always be grateful to people who help us, so that such helps keep on coming in our life. Their contributions are actually immeasurable and can never be overestimated. Have you experienced any such miracles? May be you have to scan through your memory.

I have experienced many who have made themselves available to me, gone out of their way and held my hand, in the struggle for survival. The first one is my uncle, my mother’s brother, and looked after all of us three brothers and three sisters, who were almost orphans thrown into the hands of a penniless father and a mother who had nothing to hold on. My uncle was in Mumbai, and made tremendous efforts to build a house and made us move into that. We all grew up with the money order from my uncle which used to come every month without fail. Without that money order we would not have been able to pay even the school fees of Rs.6.25 per month for me and my brother each. The money order of Rs.50/- per month was our only means of survival. Today that won’t fetch even one breakfast. That’s a different matter altogether. My uncle brought me and my brother to Mumbai, got us into jobs, gave us shelter to stay with him, and made us stand on our legs to survive. I am still wondering often what made our uncle to love us so much? Unfortunately we were always over-reacting on the few negative reactions from our uncle, disregarding his positive contributions he has made. Unfortunately that’s human nature, isn’t it?

Life went on in Mumbai, and I was fortunate to have formulated my goal of life to undertake higher studies, educate myself and become a top executive in any organization of repute. Finally I joined night college while attending office during the day. Against all odds, I kept on motivating myself by reading the best motivators of the world like Zig Ziglar, Anthony Robins, and so on. My ambition was taking shape and my life was coming on tracks. One day I received a telegram from my mother conveying that father is seriously ill. Myself and my brother rushed to native place, saw our father, and unfortunately within a few days, our father expired. Just before leaving for his heavenly abode, our father embraced both of us and said “do only those things in life which you feel are right”. Those feeble voice of my father is still echoing in my ears.

The departure of my father was painful, and he was very beloved to all of us, and we decided to overstay for about 20 days in native place. I was aware that my due date for filling up the form for examinations is getting over. Yet I decided to stay over to perform the last rights of our beloved father. Letters by post was the only means of communication in those days and I could not seek help from any of my friends even. Finally I consoled myself that everyone cannot fulfill his ambition and ultimately we have to be under the influence of fate or destiny. After all the activities were over, we landed in Mumbai again and I had the happiest news from my friend Ashok Paranjape that he had taken liberty to fill up my exam form, sign on my behalf and paid the requisite fees. I was so happy to see my name in the list, and I keep on thanking my friend even today, without whose help my ambition would have seen the dust. His initiative, his willingness, and his love towards me are nothing short of a miracle for me. The fact that his gesture was totally unsolicited and unconditional makes it more miraculous.

Within three months of reaching Mumbai I could land in to a temporary job in Khadi Commission, Mumbai, somewhere in December 1966, though I was 17 and technically not eligible for appointment. The officer Mr.Y P Rao liked me so much, I still don’t know why, that he said “people will ask you what is your age, you should say that you are 18 because employing anyone below 18 is illegal” Seeing a teenager without moustache and a Tiffin box in hand, everyone in the train, and in the office complex used to ask me the same question and I kept on answering as told by Mr. Rao. I am always grateful to Mr. Y P Rao for giving me the first break of my life. If you read the service certificate issued to me by Mr. Rao, you’ll feel he is my relative that too very close, whereas I had met him for the first time. For me Mr. Rao is a miraculous gift from Almighty.

My job at Khadi Commission came to an end at the end of three months as it was a temporary vacancy. And I was jobless and fairly new to Mumbai, causing tremendous embarrassment and frustration. Now enters Mr. Radhakrishnan Nair who was in another department but we used to meet in the canteen. He persuaded me to go with him to the Times of India and gave an advertisement in the Situations Wanted column of this newspaper, and within a few days I was back in another job. The help given by him to a village boy in a big city like Mumbai is of immense value and is a miracle according to me. There are so many such people you come across in life, whose unconditional love and timely support are nothing less than a miracle. We must understand and recognize the presence of such love and try not to loose it.



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