HEARTBEATS – Why I am here, really?

Few of my near and dear ones have asked me why I am writing blogs and posting them on WordPress and sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Google, “what are you gaining” they continue to ask. In fact I have been asking such questions to myself and have come to the conclusion as an answer that my practice of writing is for pleasure and passion, and posting them on WordPress, Facebook etc. seeking reactions, guidance and advice from international readers, as I have to learn a lot from then. This is the reason why I write blogs on SpeakingTree, and have published few of them in magazines and other publications, but WordPress is an international site, giving me unlimited opportunities.

The second question is why I write only and how I say I am passionate? Let me answer you that question. I realized about my passion for writing from my school days when I used to enjoy writing essays and other similar stuff. My friends used to surround me seeking my support in completing their assignments, that includes my friends from schools in the neighborhood too. English used to be my favorite subject which used to fetch maximum marks than other subjects, though my mother tongue is Malayalam. On holding a fountain pen words will flow from me, filling pages in a magical way. I used to write stories and send to famous writers for evaluation and suggestions. But none responded, contrary to the common perception about writers and their oceanic hearts and that the teeth of elephants are different for showing to public and for eating. My passion yet continued and I used to send articles to newspapers, and magazines, and experienced a rain of rejection slips which used to be a practice those days causing tremendous amount of disappointment and frustration. Then one day the self addressed and stamped envelope received back from a magazine called CARAVAN was thinner than usual; it had accepted my article on Food problem of India and sent me a cheque of Rs.600/- by post, in October 1977. Like Charles Dickens who came out of his stingy room and started dancing in the street, on receipt of confirmation from one publication accepting his article to be published free of cost, I too had no limit to my happiness and pleasure.

The writings continued. Few articles were published in another magazine, and there was a lull period mainly due to compulsive pressure of life and, of course, the most dangerous disease of man, called procrastination, though there are plenty of articles saved in my computer. It’s a true fact of life that you will come back to your passion later in life, however long the lullness and the period may be, as it belongs to your heart. The same thing is happening with me now.

There are other reasons why I want to become a writer, one is my habit of reading, the more you read you wish to share with others your insights and ideas. Secondly when you spend years in a profession called marketing, visiting different places and different people, you get a kick to share the experiences with people, especially in an ever changing world. When my father used to tell me anecdotes of his childhood, I used to wonder in disbelief, and the same is the situation now. There are tremendous amount of changes in the surroundings, infrastructural facilities, and the behavior of people around us, which I want to share especially with the younger generation. The impact of changes are so strong that you can’t resist the drive for writing. Letters being the only means of communication those days which used to take days to reach, the dressing habits, methods of interaction by people, all have changed magically.

I am lucky to have born in India where the culture, food habits, dressing habits, the language and the environment are different from state to state, and there is a wonderful blend of spirituality and devineness in people, giving rise to a lot of eye opening anecdotes, interesting and gripping incidents, which will be of immense value to the youngsters of date reeling under the influence of modernity, and the gadgets. Keep reading my blogs. My intention is only to add value to your life. I am sure you will feel the difference.


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