HEARTBEATS – the role of tomorrow?

Tomorrow plays a very important role in our life. Parents advise children and put so much pressure to make them study well so that they become something in life, financial experts advise that you must save for tomorrow in insurance policies, fixed deposits, properties, and what not? They remind you that when you become older, you have to have certain assured incomes like interest income from your savings, income through rent from your properties, as you will be old and unable to work, and some of them advise you that you must have savings 10 times of your income.

Actually is it necessary to have such investments? All of them are necessary, no doubt, I am not disputing it. But if you do so spoiling your present day, and spend your whole energy in safeguarding your future, we are seeing many around us where by the time the person becomes financially independent, he can’t eat even a pierce of sweet, and life doesn’t allow him to enjoy the comforts he has created, or he would have spent so much of his energy that becomes completely exhausted, and there is a possibility that you may also end up like one of them. A person who is always worried about the future constantly goes through tension and anxiety and acquires blood pressure, diabetes, cardiac and other problems leading to his premature end. Is your life meant for such outcome?

We are all worried about the stale food someone has served us yesterday, the nights we have spent without food, and other kinds of agonies we have gone through in life. We venture to make up all those shortages we had gone through, and want to bring the world under our foot. All those preparations are necessary, but more important than that is completion of the current tasks in hand excellently. The 21 words are very important in life. They are: “Our business is not to see what lies down dimly at a distance, but to do what is available clearly at hand” because tomorrow doesn’t exist actually. Bible also dictates that there is no tomorrow. If you recollect Christ’s prayer is “oh God give us this day our daily bread”. Jesus never asked us to demand the bread for life. The birds in the sky don’t sow, don’t harvest, and they’re not worried at all though they are dependent on the grains for survival. The best thing therefore is to put to use all your intelligence and enthusiasm to superbly complete the tasks in hand today. This is possibly the best way to fix a secured tomorrow. If you do it so well, it will automatically create capabilities in you to face tomorrow. All philosophies of the world dictates that in order to be happy in life you have to live in the present. You know the meaning of the word “present” is a gift. It’s actually a gift from the Almighty.

Let me express my gratitude to Swamy Udid Chaitanya who says that past is actually a dead body, on which you can’t do anything except learn something and make course corrections in your life, and future is uncertain, and not in our hands at all. Therefore is it not foolish to spend much of our life and energy on something which is uncertain and useless, instead of enjoying the present which is a gift from the Almighty.

Bible also dictates that “have no anxiety about tomorrow.” Management experts also advise us that in order to be efficient, do one task at a time.
Instead of enjoying the roses blooming outside our Windows, we are all, well almost all, are looking for the rose garden over the horizon, which will never reach your hands, because the horizon will never allow you to reach it, the more you try to go near it will still be so far, all the time. Today is our only precious possession, every hour, every minute of it are important. Make it a wonderful time, enjoy it fully, that is life actually.

I consider it my luck to have the opportunity to read the book by Dale Carnegie “How to stop worrying and start living”. Though the book has come out about 75 years ago, the richness of it is so strong that it’s one of the best seller even today, and reading it you will also feel you are lucky. If you have not read it yet, my recommendation is to read immediately. My Gratitude also goes for Sadhguru who says that the best way, the first lesson towards spirituality is to be thankful, at least on a two hourly basis, about the fact that you are still alive. Every morning when you get up, at least every two hourly, if it’s always you are great, tell yourself “WoW I am still alive”. Then you will not get the temptation to do wrong things, you will get the inspiration to do better things in the available time. You know while going to sleep in the night that millions in the world may not see the light of tomorrow, and you and me can be a part of the gang, who knows? You will become aware and happy that you are lucky. It’s then a reason to celebrate. That awareness is important. Every day morning commit yourself “today is a new life to live”. So every day is a starting point, so where is the time to worry about tomorrow?



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