HEARTBEATS – how to become a sure shot winner?.

Every one of us desires to become an achiever in life, and it is true for me, you or anybody else.  This desire, inherent in all human beings, have, however, different levels of intensity depending upon the necessity and the compulsivess of life, the level of ambition of the person, the motivational effectiveness derived by seeing and knowing about other achievers in the society, and your own overall inspirational level.  Whatever it is, the drive for being an achiever in whatever things we set out to do is universal for all human beings, because only human beings are capable of transforming their lives unlike other living beings in the universe.

It’s also true that the qualities  that govern the achievement efforts or the attempts of a person, are the character and the attitudes being nurtured and developed by the individual, based on his personal belief system acquired from parents, peers, teachers, friends, and others.  In psychology it’s called the impact of nature and nurture, in spite of consideration of the impact of destiny, luck, fate, and so on. Character and attitudes do change the destiny.

The other important quality of an achiever is the action orientation, zero or negligible gap between the thought and action, and the credibility the person creates as a doer.  The impression they create empowers them to create trust among people and the resultant superior support level.  People become willing to support them in all possible manner.  According to Sadhguru this Is the integrity maintained by the achievers.  This high level of integrity keeps them always on track.

It has also been observed in the case of achievers that they will always have a well planned module of action, with a high level of commitment to personal development, on a continuous basis as a way of life.  Such people also are found to be possessed with a strong conviction or a realisation that fulfillment of ambition demands support of others, rather than mere personal efforts and learning.  Therefore they take special care to support and co-operate with others.

They are also found to be down to earth personalities, always believing that failure also is a part and parcel of life, thus they refrain from becoming tensed up or depressed about failure, despite their optimism of being a perpetual winner.  They also naturally maintain a higher level of consciousness that obstacles and setbacks are inevitable in life. They are also gifted with extraordinary insight to see things a normal person is unable to pick up.  This insight enables them to ensure continuous development efforts, a prerequisite for success.

The other quality achievers possess is the inspiration.  They are inspired by someone, something or even a book or even a belief system nurtured within. Inspiration through a role model is also a possibility.

According to Sadhguru if a person possesses the three qualities namely insight to see and know things clearly and becoming conscious, inspiration to keep oneself motivated, and integrity to create trust among people, will take anybody towards the goals.  Such person will be a blessed one and a sure shot winner.  For more on this please visit http://www.ishafoundation.org.



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