HEARTBEATS – The Vanishing Individual

Sound waves can travel at 1100 feet per second and in a digitalized communication network, information can travel at 15000 miles in an instant, as per David Brooks (The Social Animal).  The impact of digitization is so colossal that the cognitive capacity of humans cannot keep pace with it and the humanly created barriers like geographical boundaries, religion, caste, creed, or color also become totally irrelevant as far as human life is concerned.  One has to agree, however, that “the most important part of the journey of communication is the distance between a person’s eyes or ears, and the various regions of the brain”, to comprehend the communication explosion without which the entire communication process is meaningless like talking to a buffalo.  How are we making use of the information being communicated, how are we adapting the ideas and emotions being percolated out of it, or are there any cultural or social compulsions distorting the way it is required to be understood, are the questions for which we need to seek pertinent answers.

Look at the way a religious bend of mind working against the society, by presenting twisted ideologies suiting to certain segments of the members, which is almost at par in all religions, in total disregard of the fact that religions have caused elimination of maximum lives from the society than any other cause.  All the identities, differences and discriminations are humanly created basically resulting in refusal of freedom to the human soul.

At this stage, it is noteworthy to recollect a Whatsapp message from a friend of mine which reads “I am a Patidhar, I am a Rajput, I am a Chaudhary, I am a Jain, I am a Thakkar, I am  Barot, I am a Brahmin, I am a Hindu, I am Christian, I am a Muslim, and so on, and this is the only reason why Britishers could rule India for 200 years, because they found no Indians in India”.  Although this is not an authenticated statement it appears to accompany an element of truth within.  It is most unfortunate that almost the same situation persists even today, and we seldom find pure Indians without those identities in India, and what we have lost is pure Indianness, in spite of the fact that the religious knots which we so proudly hold on to, actually rests in the hands of a nurse in a maternity hospital, isn’t it? Isn’t it high time that we realize that the conceptual barriers dividing humanity have to be totally neglected looking at mankind as a whole and the identity of a global citizenship?

A person who is born and brought up in New York, for instance, though belonging to a Community in Kerala, cannot rationally hold on to the localized concepts belonging to that community back home, and reduce his global stature, which will be inviting adversity intentionally.  Today we have to view things with a different perspective particularly loving your neighbors rather than distant relatives.

In the digitalized communication world, we are forced to react or gulp down the information, having no chance to make attempts to comprehend, and being at the receiving end without participation, we often land up in frustration and heightened anxiety.  An entire life we used to spend in acquiring knowledge and information, which are now readily accessible any time, and what remains is a life totally dull, unproductive and monotonous, as there is nothing more to do, and nothing more to achieve.  The focus on relationship, understanding and empathisation have become impractical and outdated concepts.

Life demands live socialization, and activities to make it more merrier, with some sort of mechanical and quick fix solutions, have become the call of the day.  Passion and instincts used to be the supreme force behind any action, but not any more.  Gadgets and data have taken over.  Logic and rationality have taken over every bit of it.

In the digitalized world of communication, every caller is desirous to get connected to a human being, which every service providers have started realizing.  After pressing 1 to 8 for various services, the customer is asked to press one more button to speak with a human customer service representative, who will be always busy, forcing the customer to hang out.  The deprivation of human touch will cost us heavily in the form of a desperate and dissolutioned customer segment.

Gopalakrishnan Naduvathery





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