HEARTBEATS – Knowledge Explosion

In the 1970s Encyclopedia Britannica used to be available for sales on door-to-door basis in Mumbai, and knowledge enthusiasts used to buy, and array the big volumes in their show cases, in the office or residence as a dignified possession, while making use of it for acquiring knowledge.  Though the original cost was about 56k rupees, subject to my memory being correct, it used to be offered for a price range of 2.5k to 5.0k rupees depending on the edition of publication.

The printed version of Britannica used to be the biggest knowledge bank, with 32 volumes, 32640 pages, 40 million words, containing 65000 articles, covering half a million topics.,  The last print edition was in 2010 and subsequently it has been digitalized.  It is constantly being updated and now covers more than 120000 articles in digital form.  Today encyclopedia of various kinds are also available on the net.

Whatsapp also has taken the shape of an encyclopedia in reality with voluminous messages, videos, and news being presented by enthusiasts.  If you gather all the messages and information being transpired, it will become nothing less than a huge knowledge bank.  You may be right, if you think for a moment, that if people respond to the Whatsapp messages, grasp them, and put them into practice, their life will be so noble and great, because the messages floating around are advisory and motivational in nature.  We are, of course, first and foremost, experts in improving life of others.  However, the flow of information has become so majestic and voluminous that it has gone beyond our capacity to handle, and people have compulsively started turning a blind eye towards them.  The reactions are same towards all digital communications.

Psychologists have suggested that there are many reasons as to why we start neglecting messages, like being too busy and no time to view, being lazy, and unwilling to read and react, being fed up of receiving unsolicited information, and data, and even an egoistic attitude of – we know all.

According to me, the most alarming reason is that we are bored, and we have entered a state of getting ‘used to it’, and our Whatsapp and other social media sites have become post offices, where messages come and go, some times get read, get re-forwarded, get deleted, and they have actually become ritualistic, and don’t really stick to our heart.

This is human nature,.  We get used to everything in life, over a period of time, and get bored with repetitions, since they are forcible encroachments into our life.  Anything given free has no value in the long run and if it voluminous, God save us.  The phenomena of getting used to, affects every aspect of our life.  It happens in marriage and friendship as well.  Even slaves start getting used to slavery over a period of time, and they start deriving happiness out of it.

The latest report is that the attention span of humans has come down to 8 seconds from 12 in 2000.  It’s 9 seconds in case of gold fish.  We have gone below gold fish, and the way things are going, there is every possibility that it will still go down, because our mind also is becoming post office, life also is becoming post office, monotonous, and boring, with nothing to contribute, as everything is available off the shelf.  Human beings want constant changes in the presentation, contents, actions, and reactions too.  ‘Variety is the spice of life’.

What is the solution? Simple!  Don’t forget the old habits of reading, writing, live interaction, live socialization, and live responses. Don’t rely only on messages with selfies and videos conveying ‘love you’, ‘miss you’, and so on, and don’t ever avoid personal meetings, and live shopping, even though social media and online shopping facilities are available.  Keep up with the enthusiasm of life and the fragrance of live relationships.  It will be worthwhile to concentrate on lively energizing and motivating the partner.



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One thought on “HEARTBEATS – Knowledge Explosion

  1. Rajashree M Nair September 15, 2017 / 2:18 pm

    Wonderful Kochacchan…very truly said.. instead of digging ourselves into the virtual world we need to communicate with each other in real world…


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