HEARTBEATS – Don’t give in to miseries!

Although there are volumes of motivational material available around you, my strong attachment is with what Swamy Vivekananda has said “sitting still and wishing makes no man great, we must put the bait in the water in order to get the fish”.  Every one of us is nurturing dreams, aspire to do something, and ambitious to become someone big in life.

You need inspiration to draw strength from the surroundings, insight to understand the things that a common mind cannot, and integrity to make you acceptable to the relevant people, nay, maximum people as you are in the profession of reaching out to people through your actions, and so many other qualities are actually required in order to succeed in life, to keep you on your toes, and to protect you from distortions in your perceptions and approaches.

The reality, however, is that the temptations to divert your attention is so large in number, that you are always under the influence of those temptations,  one way or the other, and it will be almost impossible to keep you on tracks unless you have extra ordinary discipline, devotion to duty, and nothing like it, if you have the support of the following, in your schedule of day-to-day activities::

  1. Constant emotional stress making your life constantly miserable, taunting you every now and then about your deficiencies, gaps in your efforts, and a dream always appearing to be beyond your reach .
  2. Empty pockets adding fuel to the fire, always making you lacking in one thing or the other. ..
  3. Empty stomach making you realize the harsh realities of life, making your compulsive persuasions always alive and kicking.

One great thing learnt by me from a great personality the late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is that miseries come to us, actually not to trouble us as we think, but to help us unearth our hidden talents, to look for new ways of living when all doors appear to have closed, instead of pushing yourself to a corner.

When you are experiencing constant pain, out of the shortcomings of life, your drive to analyze your circumstances, and look for solutions, will become a routine activity.  So commit yourselves that miseries cannot pull you down, there will always be a solution available, and you have not yet reached the end of the tunnel. This internal communication is of utmost importance in dealing with a crisis.

Most importantly, protect yourself from the perennial human disease called procrastination which is basically the habit of doing things at the last moment, when things have gone on fire.  Remember, most of the cardiac arrests happening to active and agile people, are due to the stress level for surviving the fire-fighting episodes of life.  So take special care to avoid procrastination totally by taking quick action to put your ideas into action.

Modern life is so much competitive where any amount of skill levels will be insufficient to hold on, because the talents available in the world are constantly being upgraded and re-sharpened, making you always wanting.  Someone has rightly said “standing still is actually going backward”, because everybody in the race will keep on moving.



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