HEARTBEATS – Don’t Make Your Eyes Useless.

Eyes are one of the wonders of human body.  They help you see and enjoy the things around you.  But eyes without connectivity with brain do not function.  Often you must have experienced that when you are angry, when you are over-anxious, when you are too much in a hurry, you are unable to see the things physically present in front of your eyes, not because you are blind but only because at that moment your eyes are not connected with your brain.  The wonderful eyes, however, are required not only to see things around you but also to observe and learn from what you see, which is again a function of our consciousness.

The world is a university and life is an MBA course, for which you are neither required to write any admission test or pay any fees, which teaches you her how to maintain your relation with others, how to discipline yourself, how to prosper, and become successful, how to progress in life, what to do and what not to do.  Enrollment in this MBA is natural and automatic.  Yet, only a few will be able to derive maximum benefits out of this course, because only and only if you have an attitude of learning from what you see, and keep yourself focused on self-development, you can really experience progress from this course.

Life is a learning experience.  Firstly you learn from your parents, then teachers, peers, colleagues, friends, and your constant interaction with them, and other institutions in the society make you feel what you are.  At home as a child, in school as a school boy or a girl, in college a student, and in office or workplace you become a citizen, and identify yourself as somebody.  In fact anything and everything in life is actually learned from others by observing and experiencing.  In fact others make or un-make your life.  The other things you learn from schools, colleges and other professional courses help you enhance your merits and add quality to your life.

Human beings are blessed with the special capability to transform their lives the way they want.  The other living beings are just meant to mate, eat, and survive.  A lion remains a lion till death, and does not possess aspirations.  Only human beings can add value to others, develop and transform their lives, and can become a servant, a ruler, or anyone else. As a matter of fact, the degree of value addition to others determines the degree of success and development of a human being, and nothing else. All other analytical assessment or evaluation technique is superfluous.

Today’s world throws up a bigger challenge on us.  The challenge is competition in every field.  You have to be better than others as a choice. Right from day one, be it in your house, office or anywhere, you have to compete with others in order to push yourself ahead.  You have to take competition seriously, and special efforts are required to make yourself more and more competitive for which learning things from others, upgrading your talent on a continuous basis has to be a constant endeavour., rather than fighting and also using tactics.

We are all tactful and strategic, one has to be, to make life more and more effective. However, a pair of eyes with support of an imaginative brain, ability to analyse your existing competence, taking measures to improve the existing talents, and acquiring new ones, focusing on contribution rather than consumption, and making yourself competitive, are the criteria to make you come out with flying colors in the MBA called life.



HEARTBEATS – Social or Super animal?

Narayan Poudel, 32, a temporary teacher at a Primary School in Pokhara, 200 kms. from Kathmandu, Nepal, killed Dehila Yehia, a 25 year old American woman, who was on a mission to help earth-quake victims, with hammer blows inside his room, wrapped her body in a bed sheet, and threw into the seti river.  A person who was on a noble deed, becomes a hapless victim of a criminal minded individual!

A girl was picked up from a BPO in Bangalore, and raped by two people, and within a few days another girl was picked up, and raped by four people, again in Bangalore. There are a plethora of such incidences around the world, where man turns against man, much against the acceptable belief systems of normal human beings.  If it is a wild animal surviving on the flesh of other animals, we can understand that presence of an element of kindness, may prevent it from making the kill, and has to suffer.  Is it so with a human being, who is blessed with compassion, kindness, and ability to reason?

Every individual is possessed with an inherent drive to project oneself ahead of others, to undertake any activity to enhance comforts, and reduce pain, use strategy, or tactics to convert any situation favourable to the self, probably for a secure future for the self, the family, or even for satisfying a greedy desire.  The intensity of this self drive, availability of direct or indirect support from key persons in the society, resulting in overall fearlessness of the prevailing law, and a state of mind overwhelmed by egoistic temperament, may make people blind towards the harmful effect of the crime towards others, and ultimately even toward the self. Or is it fate, ill-luck or misfortune, simply greed, fear out of insecurity, over-ambition, or act of God behind such crimes?

Around 20% of the population are criminal minded, and all the police, the army, the administrative machinery, and its entire network, are actually for this 20% people.  The rest 80% are law-abiding citizens who do not require these legal, moral or social compulsions, or controls of any kind.  The institutional and organisational efforts to tackle crime have increased tremendously over the years, but unfortunately, the crime rate has not shown any sign of reduction.

The compulsions of life consisting of human deficiencies of various nature, the longings for comforts, actually intensify our attachments to the world of possessions, which appear to be a perpetual reality, especially in the modern society.  In spite of the presence of common sense, intelligence, and the ability to reason, mind never agrees to turn away from comforts in real life, making us more and more entangled in even immoral activities, often leading to crimes.

On top of it, relatives, friends, and well wishers keep on motivating you to be tactical, strategic, and ambitious to achieve more and more, even if you have to adopt the path of aggression, disharmony, and even annihilation.  The process of annihilation appear to be a necessity and various compulsive attempts will have to be resorted to, to cover up the activity with duty bound devotion towards some ideology, or out of fear of someone more powerful.  Such continued persistence compels you to get entangled in irrational, illogical, and even activities harmful to others.  Ultimately making you feel that in spite of variety of achievements, you feel, you have reached neither the top nor the bottom, and somehow struggle to survive, actually like a living dead body.

Constant failures, and self deficiencies stare at you, wherever you go, the burden of life becomes unbearable, and you are left with empty stomach, empty pockets, leaving you with nothing but emotional disturbances.  This situation compels you to resort to some action to ensure your escape from it.  Negativity fills our mind and we land up in a situation where we undertake the job with a firm self commitment to face any consequences, often leading to daring criminal activities.

Coping with life somehow becomes a compulsive necessity, and you tend to ignore the illegality, and the antisocial nature of the activities, even though there are ample opportunities to introspect and become conscious.  A criminal by nature, internally motivated to be a criminal of high order, of course, can be brought under control or diverted from his mission, only if there are checks and balances in the society to make his mission futile, and to inflict fear of law in his mind.

The religious sentiments, cultural compulsions, and group effects, make the situation worst, and uncontrollable, and a need arises for making attempts to establish harmony in the society.  Usage of discretion, intelligence, and the faculty of reasoning, never become practical, and knowingly or unknowingly, in the absence of individual and group value systems, criminality becomes a way of life.

HEARTBEATS – Few make it, many fail!

“Knowledge is power” we all know this well.  Awareness of this fact persuade most of us to strive for acquiring maximum knowledge in life.  We do everything possible and attempt even the seemingly impossible methods to make sure that our knowledge level is always at the peak, so is our anxiety to make our near and dear ones also more and more knowledgeable and talented.  See where the education sector has taken human society.

This knowledge mission has made us enter into a fiercely competitive age, and the process has undergone a wide variety of experiments and methods, and landed us in a situation where information and data have taken over theories completely.  We have of course become proficient enough in the field of acquiring, imparting and making use of knowledge.  In fact proficiency is at our finger tips.  What about efficiency?  As against proficiency which is the expertise in the area of our focus, efficiency is our talent or ability in life to make use of our proficiency in a nutshell.

Where both efficiency and proficiency meet, success emerges on its own.  Although life does not go the way we want, and at times, we experience the presence of some invisible energy, we may call it luck, fate, or whatever, yet the role of personal efforts, and the impact of environment cannot be overestimated.  In Psychology we call it the effect of nature and nurture.

The incidences of people who are highly proficient in their professional field, but a failure in practical life, are the people who gave their life to their professions, but ignored the life lessons, of loving, sharing, and caring.



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