HEARTBEATS – Few make it, many fail!

“Knowledge is power” we all know this well.  Awareness of this fact persuade most of us to strive for acquiring maximum knowledge in life.  We do everything possible and attempt even the seemingly impossible methods to make sure that our knowledge level is always at the peak, so is our anxiety to make our near and dear ones also more and more knowledgeable and talented.  See where the education sector has taken human society.

This knowledge mission has made us enter into a fiercely competitive age, and the process has undergone a wide variety of experiments and methods, and landed us in a situation where information and data have taken over theories completely.  We have of course become proficient enough in the field of acquiring, imparting and making use of knowledge.  In fact proficiency is at our finger tips.  What about efficiency?  As against proficiency which is the expertise in the area of our focus, efficiency is our talent or ability in life to make use of our proficiency in a nutshell.

Where both efficiency and proficiency meet, success emerges on its own.  Although life does not go the way we want, and at times, we experience the presence of some invisible energy, we may call it luck, fate, or whatever, yet the role of personal efforts, and the impact of environment cannot be overestimated.  In Psychology we call it the effect of nature and nurture.

The incidences of people who are highly proficient in their professional field, but a failure in practical life, are the people who gave their life to their professions, but ignored the life lessons, of loving, sharing, and caring.



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