HEARTBEATS : The Irony Behind Woman’s Day.

We just celebrated International Woman’s Day on the March 8th.  A number of tremendously inspiring stories of women achievers all over the world were brought out by the visual, print, and social media encyclopedia like twitter, Facebook, watsApp, and so on.  Social media have become an ocean of knowledge, so I call it social media encyclopedia.

The earliest womans’ day observance was held on February 28, 1909, the last Sunday of February in New York.  It was organised by the Socialist Party of America in remembrances of the 1908 strike of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union.  Americans continue to celebrate Womans’ day on the last Sunday of February for some time.  Later it was recognised by UN as 8th March to bring in awareness of equality, justice, respect, and honour for women like men.  The major point raised by women initially was the discrimination of sex for employment purposes.  

Whenever the Divine wanted to enter the planet, the entry point invariably has been woman only, be it mother Mary, Devaki, Shakuntala, Jijabai, or anyone else.  The list is endless. Can you show a single man who came to the earth directly from heaven, other than through a woman, created history here, and has been instrumental in transforming our society?  It is not possible.  

Just like without touching fire we can’t feel the heat, without touching ice we can’t feel the coolness, love, compassion, humbleness, forgiveness, and similar qualities of human beings cannot be felt and understood by reading books or Vedas, had there been no women in our life.  Even in the Vedas and scriptures the role of woman is exemplary.  

Look at the picture of any God, be it male or female, you can always feel a mix of feminist qualities signifying beauty.  Can we think of beauty without womanhood? Pick up any handsome man, be it an executive, a sportsman, a model or a star, the beauty behind the handsomeness is from the feminine features like the shape, softness, the fairness, and so on, whether you agree or not.  

To understand the true meaning of hope, patience, positive attitude, and unconditional love in life, only one full-fledged teacher is available on the face of earth, the mother.  No management institution, teacher, or coach, can match her.  imagine her patience for nine and odd months, and another nine years she spends to make the child think independently.  Only and only one person exists in this world who will always love you irrespective of your status or conditions in life, your mother.  Glory to the woman, the mother.  

Not checking gender status during pregnancy, not longing for a male child when you are gifted with the gem of a daughter, not sending the mother to the old age home, giving the best of education, best of freedom, best of responsibility to your daughters, not treating your daughter as if she belongs to someone else, giving respect, care, and honour to every woman, and protecting her dignity around us, in the family and the society, understanding the meaning of silence behind a woman, giving your seat in a bus or a train to a woman passenger, fighting for the woman who are left alone in the society, fighting the violence against women in the society, treating daughter-in-law like your own daughter, making women economically, emotionally, and socially independent of any man, is the real celebration of womanhood.  

Women’s day celebration should not only be on the 8th March, but it should be throughout the year, every day, every hour, and every second in our life, because women are something beyond celebration.  It will not be an exaggeration if we say that they are the gifted ones by the divine.  The divine dwells in their body and soul altogether.  

The male ego may curse me for saying this. “It will always be a wishful thinking” few of you may say, and you may have your own valid reasons therefor.  All said and done, however, I strongly believe that if women are made equal to men in all respects, the economy will take quantum jump in development, as so many families, old people, and children will be saved and looked after across the world.  When they represent almost 50% of the population, and the role of women has changed altogether through the ages, it has to come one day, whether you like it or not.  

    (Courtesy: Wikipedia and WatsApp)

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