HEARTBEATS 2021 : Your Properties And Bank Balance Are Waste?

This is an age of activities.  Life depends so much on action that there is hardly any time for rational thinking, the highest faculty of human beings, basically because we have lost the thrill of seeking knowledge like old times as knowledge is readily available in abundance on the click of a button.  The entire life which we used to spend for acquiring knowledge has become monotonous and redundant.

The demand for wealth has increased tremendously, and the need to become wealthy and healthy has become the call of the day.  Look around you and watch the unlimited number of wealth and health clinics coming alive here and there every day.  They are filling our lives left right-center, around you, and inside you. The reason is that in the rat race of life maintaining both health and wealth are the most important tasks.  Nevertheless the reality is actually something different.

The study conducted at Harvard on 700 men and women and their spouses too, for the last 75 years, reveal that the major reason for happiness is on the ability of the persons to maintain good relationship with family, friends, and the community, rather than amassing wealth, because when you plunge into old age, loneliness, depression, and mental diseases, the relationship with the outside world is more consoling and supportive than anything else.

“Over and over in these 75 years our study has shown that the people who fared best were the people leaned into relationship with family and friends” said Dr. Waldinger, the Director of the group.  Really when you reach out to that old family member or a friend, after a long gap, the pleasant feeling that generates in your mind is solid proof for this phenomenon.

Therefore, if you have reconciled with yourself that amassing wealth and properties is the whole source of happiness, in the present age and the future too, think again, you may be terribly wrong.  “People time is more important” in life.  If a father or mother wanted to live merely for the self, he or she can survive with a loaf of bread and a little pepper, really. Generally the father, or the mother for that matter, who spend years in working unbelievably hard, tirelessly, ventures afresh everyday with renewed energy, and he is motivated only by the satisfaction he derives in providing comforts and conveniences for his family members.

It is a very pathetic condition if a person has only money in life, and nothing, or nobody around him, and he is forced to live with the realization that those around him are eyeing only his wealth.  I fully agree with Sadguru who says that money if it remains in your pocket, and you have a solid source of finding the money according to need, life will be awesome   If it goes to the brain you will only love money, and those around you will also be loving you for your money.    I have seen a gentleman about 80, who has a lovely daughter and grand children settled in the same city, well off, in a hospital under the able care of the nurses and the medical team, with no serious illness.  The daughter comes once a week to see him.

What have you lived for and are there a few people to remember what you have achieved, or what value you have added in their lives?