HEARTBEATS : Life Is Not A Terminous!

Human mind is being subjected to excessive development of the intellect by hyper activities, making life more and more practical, and logical, but less and less human.   In this blind rat race  called life people who are able to keep their cool will be really superior beings    Modern society will require and appreciate people who can think than people who can act because actions are being mechanized.   The excessive use of intellect does not, however, affect people who are above 50 as they have seen the transition, experienced it, and have prepared themselves to adopt the changes around them, but not the youth who are forced to face it head on almost abruptly.

The irony, for example, is in the fact that  a doctor who is a heart specialist is becoming heartless.  He says “my fees is this if you can afford I will save you”.  To a modern mind this doctor is intelligent and his action the efficacy of his professionalism.  To me he is not human and I am sure that most of you will also carry the same feeling.  It creates a dryness in the profession of a doctor.  A doctor is for the service of humanity, and if the profession is only useful to the self, what is the meaning of that profession?

Today’s youth is like that intelligent doctor.  High salary in accordance with the so called intelligence but with equal amount of work-load.  What is left is a stressful life with no job satisfaction making it necessary to seek other avenues to chill out by partying, socializing, and also being addicted to gadgets.  Someone has rightly pointed out that in good old days one phone used to unite a family and even the neighbors, but today 10 phones are dividing the same family and neighbors.

The latest trend is that the youth is bored with partying, socializing, and the gadgets, because as we go along we become sort of used to with anything.   Our intelligence is so much engaged in meeting the deadlines that we hardly find time for human interaction, and without human interaction man is always lonely.  We are forced to submit ourselves to endless external pressures to such an extend that we are unable to cope up with life, and ultimately even think of putting an end to life while forgetting one important thing that the targets, multi tasks, the goals, and even the job or profession are not important than life itself.

The latest research outcomes reveal that one out of 10 youngsters, and two out of 20 elders are found to be depressive.  On an average 60,000 thoughts are going through a human mind every day.  There is an urgent need for an emotionally balanced life.  The emotional balancing can take place only and only by introspection or meditation.  Modern science has proved that meditation can rewire brain cells.  If you are depressed and are likely to get into psychic issues, your own capability to introspect, engage in communication with yourself, adopt an attitude of “come what may”, and detach yourself from the problems which will come and go as a part of nature, will save you and nothing else.  Medical science can do wonders with the body but not with he mind.

The past is a dead body, you can’t do anything with it, except may be you can learn from some of the experiences.  Future is always uncertain and not in your hands.   The present is aptly called a “Present”, it is really a gift nature has given to us  Yet we either live in the past or future, and always fear the future.  Tell yourself “this is what I can do today, let me do it” and such habit of consoling yourself will save you from guilt feelings.    Meditation will help you to engage in such communication with yourself.

Don’t worry about the methods of meditation.  It can be counting your breaths, listening to your own voice in prayers, listening to music, a motivational speech, following your own thoughts, concentrating on a God or a Guru and feeling His presence inside you, or even have a run down of the events of the day while you are in bed and just before falling asleep, or any other methods by which you are able to detach yourself for some time from the routine.  Continuous meditation for a few days will change your life for sure, you will start living in the present, it will make you calm, emotionally balanced, you will start flowering, you will start loving the world, and the world around you will start loving you.  Try it for 45 days at a stretch at a fixed time ideally in the morning after a bath because in the morning thought pollution may not affect you much.  Sit for meditation before the thoughts engulf you.  Nevertheless you can meditate at any time of the day, there is no hard and fast rule.

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HEARTBEATS 2021- Don’t Let Depression Kill You.

All living beings other than humans are on auto tuner to live naturally and their basic system of life is eating, mating, and surviving.  A dog, for example, can drink water only with its tongue, so is a bird with its beak.  They are unable to indulge in paneer crispy, burger, pizzas, or any other luxuries.  They are always on natural diet.

Only human beings are tuned to expand beyond nature and explore the infinite, and possessed with the freedom to live at will.  Humans only are bestowed with the drives to project themselves better than others, to do whatever possible to enhance their comforts, and even the will to attempt the impossible.

Our thoughts and the urges lead us to action.  The thoughts become lively and result oriented when accompanied with action. Nobody can escape from physical or mental action, even while sitting idle.  Because of our ability to reason, which is the supreme quality of humans, we can consciously start observing and evaluating the thoughts, and decide what kind of friendship you want to maintain with them, which ones you want to carry through, and which one you want to discard.  You only have to have an internal communication with yourself and say “enough is enough, that is not for me” and can easily come out of it.  Only you can remove your depression away, quite easily, rather than depending on outside help and medicines.

Spend 15 minutes everyday, you can decide the time and the venue, my suggestion will be just before going to sleep.  Sit for some time, close your eyes, and roll the entire day, and the events in your mental screen, observe, and evaluate.  Think how you have made everybody in the house shiver with your angry reactions on finding the tooth paste tube with the cap somewhere else in the morning.  Imagine how peaceful and congenial the atmosphere would have been if you have picked up the cap and placed it on the tube yourself? Actually did you gain anything out of your angry out-pours except increasing the blood pressure of yours and others around you?  Thus the entire day has to be screened and observed, to become more and more aware about your mediocrity.

This can save you from the common problems of modern life like blood pressure, diabetes, cardiac, and many other diseases.  You will really find lack of time to spend 15 minutes everyday, or the events during the day would not have left any tolerance in you to remain silent for such a long duration.  Finally you may fall for your negativities and give up most probably.  In any case it is so much better than gulping drugs or lying in a hospital bed later.  Isn’t it?

The depressed among us will roughly constitute to the tune of 40% of the population according to some Psychologists and Researchers.  Suicide tendencies originate from depressive mood, and depression leads to many diseases, apart from perennial sickness and torture.  It makes you forget yourself, and its destructive nature compels you to tell yourself “enough is enough, I can’t bear anymore”.  You connect yourself with the negative thoughts so intensively that soon they become your sole driving force and companion.

This observation process is a protective mechanism of nature, proved for ages in many variations, and can undoubtedly help you a lot.  We will have painful, and problematic things of the past, which will be difficult to get disconnected, and on top of it the fear of future makes you more vulnerable.  In fact, fear is always futuristic.  By going to the observation mode stated above, you are creating space inside you for love, understanding, hope and peace.  You will totally be a different man altogether if you practice for some time.  Try it.  It has wonderful effect.

Courtesy:  TT Rangarajan, Motivational Speaker, on YouTube.