HEARTBEATS – Don’t Make Your Eyes Useless.

Eyes are one of the wonders of human body.  They help you see and enjoy the things around you.  But eyes without connectivity with brain do not function.  Often you must have experienced that when you are angry, when you are over-anxious, when you are too much in a hurry, you are unable to see the things physically present in front of your eyes, not because you are blind but only because at that moment your eyes are not connected with your brain.  The wonderful eyes, however, are required not only to see things around you but also to observe and learn from what you see, which is again a function of our consciousness.

The world is a university and life is an MBA course, for which you are neither required to write any admission test or pay any fees, which teaches you her how to maintain your relation with others, how to discipline yourself, how to prosper, and become successful, how to progress in life, what to do and what not to do.  Enrollment in this MBA is natural and automatic.  Yet, only a few will be able to derive maximum benefits out of this course, because only and only if you have an attitude of learning from what you see, and keep yourself focused on self-development, you can really experience progress from this course.

Life is a learning experience.  Firstly you learn from your parents, then teachers, peers, colleagues, friends, and your constant interaction with them, and other institutions in the society make you feel what you are.  At home as a child, in school as a school boy or a girl, in college a student, and in office or workplace you become a citizen, and identify yourself as somebody.  In fact anything and everything in life is actually learned from others by observing and experiencing.  In fact others make or un-make your life.  The other things you learn from schools, colleges and other professional courses help you enhance your merits and add quality to your life.

Human beings are blessed with the special capability to transform their lives the way they want.  The other living beings are just meant to mate, eat, and survive.  A lion remains a lion till death, and does not possess aspirations.  Only human beings can add value to others, develop and transform their lives, and can become a servant, a ruler, or anyone else. As a matter of fact, the degree of value addition to others determines the degree of success and development of a human being, and nothing else. All other analytical assessment or evaluation technique is superfluous.

Today’s world throws up a bigger challenge on us.  The challenge is competition in every field.  You have to be better than others as a choice. Right from day one, be it in your house, office or anywhere, you have to compete with others in order to push yourself ahead.  You have to take competition seriously, and special efforts are required to make yourself more and more competitive for which learning things from others, upgrading your talent on a continuous basis has to be a constant endeavour., rather than fighting and also using tactics.

We are all tactful and strategic, one has to be, to make life more and more effective. However, a pair of eyes with support of an imaginative brain, ability to analyse your existing competence, taking measures to improve the existing talents, and acquiring new ones, focusing on contribution rather than consumption, and making yourself competitive, are the criteria to make you come out with flying colors in the MBA called life.



HEARTBEATS – Don’t give in to miseries!

Although there are volumes of motivational material available around you, my strong attachment is with what Swamy Vivekananda has said “sitting still and wishing makes no man great, we must put the bait in the water in order to get the fish”.  Every one of us is nurturing dreams, aspire to do something, and ambitious to become someone big in life.

You need inspiration to draw strength from the surroundings, insight to understand the things that a common mind cannot, and integrity to make you acceptable to the relevant people, nay, maximum people as you are in the profession of reaching out to people through your actions, and so many other qualities are actually required in order to succeed in life, to keep you on your toes, and to protect you from distortions in your perceptions and approaches.

The reality, however, is that the temptations to divert your attention is so large in number, that you are always under the influence of those temptations,  one way or the other, and it will be almost impossible to keep you on tracks unless you have extra ordinary discipline, devotion to duty, and nothing like it, if you have the support of the following, in your schedule of day-to-day activities::

  1. Constant emotional stress making your life constantly miserable, taunting you every now and then about your deficiencies, gaps in your efforts, and a dream always appearing to be beyond your reach .
  2. Empty pockets adding fuel to the fire, always making you lacking in one thing or the other. ..
  3. Empty stomach making you realize the harsh realities of life, making your compulsive persuasions always alive and kicking.

One great thing learnt by me from a great personality the late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is that miseries come to us, actually not to trouble us as we think, but to help us unearth our hidden talents, to look for new ways of living when all doors appear to have closed, instead of pushing yourself to a corner.

When you are experiencing constant pain, out of the shortcomings of life, your drive to analyze your circumstances, and look for solutions, will become a routine activity.  So commit yourselves that miseries cannot pull you down, there will always be a solution available, and you have not yet reached the end of the tunnel. This internal communication is of utmost importance in dealing with a crisis.

Most importantly, protect yourself from the perennial human disease called procrastination which is basically the habit of doing things at the last moment, when things have gone on fire.  Remember, most of the cardiac arrests happening to active and agile people, are due to the stress level for surviving the fire-fighting episodes of life.  So take special care to avoid procrastination totally by taking quick action to put your ideas into action.

Modern life is so much competitive where any amount of skill levels will be insufficient to hold on, because the talents available in the world are constantly being upgraded and re-sharpened, making you always wanting.  Someone has rightly said “standing still is actually going backward”, because everybody in the race will keep on moving.



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HEARTBEATS 2021- Don’t Let Depression Kill You.

All living beings other than humans are on auto tuner to live naturally and their basic system of life is eating, mating, and surviving.  A dog, for example, can drink water only with its tongue, so is a bird with its beak.  They are unable to indulge in paneer crispy, burger, pizzas, or any other luxuries.  They are always on natural diet.

Only human beings are tuned to expand beyond nature and explore the infinite, and possessed with the freedom to live at will.  Humans only are bestowed with the drives to project themselves better than others, to do whatever possible to enhance their comforts, and even the will to attempt the impossible.

Our thoughts and the urges lead us to action.  The thoughts become lively and result oriented when accompanied with action. Nobody can escape from physical or mental action, even while sitting idle.  Because of our ability to reason, which is the supreme quality of humans, we can consciously start observing and evaluating the thoughts, and decide what kind of friendship you want to maintain with them, which ones you want to carry through, and which one you want to discard.  You only have to have an internal communication with yourself and say “enough is enough, that is not for me” and can easily come out of it.  Only you can remove your depression away, quite easily, rather than depending on outside help and medicines.

Spend 15 minutes everyday, you can decide the time and the venue, my suggestion will be just before going to sleep.  Sit for some time, close your eyes, and roll the entire day, and the events in your mental screen, observe, and evaluate.  Think how you have made everybody in the house shiver with your angry reactions on finding the tooth paste tube with the cap somewhere else in the morning.  Imagine how peaceful and congenial the atmosphere would have been if you have picked up the cap and placed it on the tube yourself? Actually did you gain anything out of your angry out-pours except increasing the blood pressure of yours and others around you?  Thus the entire day has to be screened and observed, to become more and more aware about your mediocrity.

This can save you from the common problems of modern life like blood pressure, diabetes, cardiac, and many other diseases.  You will really find lack of time to spend 15 minutes everyday, or the events during the day would not have left any tolerance in you to remain silent for such a long duration.  Finally you may fall for your negativities and give up most probably.  In any case it is so much better than gulping drugs or lying in a hospital bed later.  Isn’t it?

The depressed among us will roughly constitute to the tune of 40% of the population according to some Psychologists and Researchers.  Suicide tendencies originate from depressive mood, and depression leads to many diseases, apart from perennial sickness and torture.  It makes you forget yourself, and its destructive nature compels you to tell yourself “enough is enough, I can’t bear anymore”.  You connect yourself with the negative thoughts so intensively that soon they become your sole driving force and companion.

This observation process is a protective mechanism of nature, proved for ages in many variations, and can undoubtedly help you a lot.  We will have painful, and problematic things of the past, which will be difficult to get disconnected, and on top of it the fear of future makes you more vulnerable.  In fact, fear is always futuristic.  By going to the observation mode stated above, you are creating space inside you for love, understanding, hope and peace.  You will totally be a different man altogether if you practice for some time.  Try it.  It has wonderful effect.

Courtesy:  TT Rangarajan, Motivational Speaker, on YouTube.