HEARTBEATS 2021 – Why Should You Listen To Me?

The writer is not in any way comparable with Dale Carnegie, Zig Ziglar, Paul Hanna, Anthony Robins, Shiv Khera, or any other world-class and ever-green motivators. However, in effect, he is in no way inferior to these great personalities too, because they are his motivating forces, his energizers, in a way Masters, or oxygen cylinders in life, which practically helped him make a life from scratch against unimaginable odds. Otherwise, how can a young boy who landed in Mumbai in 196s with nothing in hand, not even a pair of pants, except a Secondary School Leaving Certificate, and the support of an uncle with whom he could share his shelter, finally retire as Vice President Marketing from a large corporate house in Mumbai in 2012?

During the course of the long years of eventful life in Mumbai, he got himself educated by attending night colleges, while working during the day, with a single point focus on self-development, like a mad cow, and acquired Graduation in Economics, Graduation in Law, Diploma in Business Management, Masters in Marketing Management, and more.  For a person who was not able to pursue higher studies, due to economic, social and geographical conditions, this is a very haughty achievement for which he is ever thankful to the motivators mentioned above, for, it will not be possible for anybody to achieve such herculean tasks without internal and external motivational pulls. However, before making any judgement, listen to my story, which are not the reflections of hearsay events but real life stories from the practical side of life.

Somewhere in 1994, I was attending a programme on  Customer Care conducted by Management Consultant N H Athreya at the Adyar Gate Hotel in Chennai, India, when he remarked at the time of taking feedback on the programme, which I distinctly remember even today.  He said “all of you have given positive response to this programme, and have paid utmost attention to the training sessions, and are leaving this room fully charged, with determination to implement whatever you have learned here in your life.  However, in reality, when you go and sit in the chair at the office, everything vanish in a magical way, all the motivational pulls disappear, by the forces of the currents of daily life, as if a devil has come and sat in your head”.  It happens to all of us, because we plan many things but end up not doing most of the tasks because we are all so much busy with firefighting to resolve current issues, which force us to push aside the long-term goals, for the time being or forever.  We find that we lag behind for one reason or the other.  It happens with all of us, one way or the other, because we are all human beings, with lot of inherent weaknesses which diverts our attention from the long term goals.

Human beings are endowed with a stupid mind and an intelligent brain on which all of us are proud, with limitless capabilities in store, pertaining to the five senses of perception, to see, touch, smell, taste, and hear, through which we interact with the society, and perceive things.  These five senses actually lead us to infinite non-senses,  harmful to us in many ways, unless we take care to keep ourselves away from these harmful non-senses, and keep ourselves focussed on the long-term goals.  Therefore with excessive reliance on the stupidity of the mind, most often ignoring the intellectual directions, we fill up our brain with so many negativities, which ultimately land us in situations where we plan for something but end up not doing something else.  If we fill our brain with positive stuff and deliberately keep ourselves away from the non-senses, we undoubtedly become achievers or else in a negative and destructive way, we will be forced to somehow survive. Everything depends on your internal and external motivational level and your thinking process.

You know, there are two kinds of leadership, positive leadership enriching the life of self and others, and negative or destructive. I have been lucky to read the above motivators, and many others, to acquire the capabilities to frame up my mind with single point focus to educate myself and make me capable of achieving my mission.  I always believed in the Chinese saying “give me a fish I can eat for the day, teach me how to fish, I can eat for life”.  In fact, if you think of it, a successful life depends on this theme.





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