HEARTBEATS – Are you an achiever?

Every one of us wants to become achievers in life.  This desire which is inherent in all of us, however, may have different levels of intensity based on the need, based on the ambition of the person, or even motivation derived by seeing and knowing about other achievers in the society.  Whatever it may be, the drive for becoming an achiever in whatever activity we set out to do, is universal and natural for human beings because only human beings have the ability to transform their lives.

The most distinguished qualities of achievers are the character and attitudes, based on certain personal belief systems.  More particularly we can see a distinguished relationship between what they say and do.  They do what they say and this action orientation creates a credibility originated out of their activity level, gets them constant support from others which helps them keep themselves on their tracks.

Secondly we can always see a well planned plan of action an a commitment to personal development against all odds on a continuous basis as a way of life.  They are willing to listen to personal advice and even a coach to help them fulfill their ambition, and a strong belief that fulfillment of ambition don’t come from personal experience and learning alone, and seeking help from others may be a necessity.

Another important quality of achievers are their willingness to help others and treat others with respect and co-operation, by maintaining highest level of integrity to create trust among others.  Moreover they always believe in achievement  and are always optimistic of winning but at the same time realize clearly that that failure also is an inevitable part of life.  They also have a particular awareness that obstacles and setbacks are compulsive realities of life.  If anyone is maintaining such a belief system, who can prevent them from becoming an achiever.

They maintain extra ordinary insight compared with others.  Their insight actually is the ability to see things normal person can’t.  Seeing with are helpful and in tune with their goals is a very important quality of life.  This insight empowers them to ensure continuous development and it’s a pre-requisite for success.

The next quality is inspiration.  There must be inspiration from someone, something or from some book, or through a personal belief system.  Inspiration through a role model also is a possibility, heir goals


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