HEARTBEATS – The beauty of new.

One of the best motivators in the world whom I admire the most is Shiv Khera, whose book You can win I have not only read a number of times, but also have gifted to at least five if my friends who have been benefited immensely. The book is full of anecdotes to drive the points the author wants to make, and one of them with great practical value in life goes roughly as under:

A girl was married and sent to her in-laws house. One day her husband wanted her to fry a fish. She was more than happy to take up the job. She took the fish and after cleaning cut one inch from the tail end, and one inch from the head side too and threw away. Seeing this the husband who was anxious asked why she was doing so and wasting the fish pieces. He said seeking some clarity on the issue that he can understand if she cuts the fag ends of the fish from both sides but why one inch? The wife said “I have learnt in from my mother and she doesn’t know if there is any reason behind it. Husband said if that’s so let’s find out why. Both went to the girl’s mother and sought the reason behind it. The mother said she has learnt it from her mother and really don’t know if there is any reason behind it. Fortunately her mother was also there and all of them went to the great grandma and sought the clarification. She said “Oh that I was doing because in those days my fry pan was small in size and in order to accommodate the fish I had to cut it short.” Actually we are all like that just blindly follow everything. Actually before setting out to do anything we have to understand the issue clearly as to why we are taking such action, then you will be able to reduce the degree of uncertainty and the probability of failure. .
Just by following something blindly you are becoming a copy cat , you are not adding any value, you are not adding any thrill, you are not persuading anyone to act or react. We have copy cat marketing or network marketing where you are copying the marketing efforts of someone, we have me too marketing strategy where we place a similar product in the market place, and even copy the the entire product and thrive on the brand power of the original product. It’s just conveying to the customer that mee too are lying by the side and you can pick me up. That doesn’t fit into the law of attraction, nor does it make you fit enough to live, because you’re just surviving on the merits of someone else. Life however will be satisfying by achieving something on your own, or creating something by yourself. The pleasure of such efforts in life is really great.
Recently Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam had visited a school in our neighborhood in Mumbai where while addressing the students he said “all of you are students and want to do something in life to make yourself successful. Various opportunities may come before you, but you must always look for opportunities to do something differently or something new which will have instant acceptability, more excitement, and more thrill, because new things will always be accepted faster. Therefore rather than doing things all your friends, neighbors, and most of the people around you are doing, try to do something new to get better attention, recognition and appreciation. So don’t spend your life in the process of copying.
See the things around you, so much of changes in so many new things, from bullock cart to Volvo busses, bullet trains, and rockets, from match sticks to ignition by remote control, from conventional gadgets to smartphones, tablets, palmtops, and so on, and in the social media Facebook, YouTube, whatsApp, Twitter, etc. without which you can’t dream of your life today, all of them are the new things created by ordinary human beings, and their efforts in exploring new areas, creating new things have made it possible. The world is relying on new ideas, new things, and out of the box thinking. So think differently, act differently, and create new things . The world needs it, and in the process you will be a person in demand.


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